POST POP -2nd Stage-, -1st Stage-, The Bad Guy

POST POP -2nd Stage- is an experimental electronic concept album. Released February 7, 2012, it’s my first major album. -1st Stage- is an accompanying bonus album.

POST POP -2nd Stage- examines, dissects, and subverts the traditional ideas and principles of pop music. POST POP is an electronic concept album that dives deep into the darkness. POST POP -2nd Stage- has an accompanying short story “The Bad Guy.” The 2nd Stage album download includes a PDF format of the story.

POST POP -1st Stage- is a bonus release to accompany POST POP -2nd Stage-.
It include 14 tracks: 11 demos that were remixed into the -2nd Stage- album, a rejected demo, and two abandoned mixes. -1st Stage- also include a 19-page PDF sketchbook with notes and drawings from the creation of the album and links to download the stems from the original -1st Stage- stems.

POST POP is available on this Bandcamp page and on its album page.

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