Help Me!! RMX Remix Single

helpme cover

Help Me!! RMX includes three new rearrangements of Morning Musume’s hit “Help Me!!” (more…)

Help Me!! RMX – Morning Musume, remixes by NESH COMPLEX

1. Help Me!! (NESH COMPLEX Remix)
2. Help Me!! (NESH COMPLEX Restyle)
3. Help Me!! (NESH COMPLEX Remix -Instrumental-)

Download all 3 tracks of Help Me!! RMX (34.8MB, .zip, no password)

Help Me!! Remix is a down-tempo remix of Morning Musume’s newest (and latest #1) single. It’s a lot less cacophonous than the original and has more of a whisper. It’s not necessarily a calm track per se, but it’s a fresh sound and I think the instruments give it a strange 16-bit RPG siren song feel.
Help Me!! Restyle probably came about subconsciously after cutting a dubstep break from Remix and longing for a faster version. It was originally going to be denoted as a dub, but it ended up too different from Remix.

Help Me!! RMX (all 3 tracks) is provided for free. You are welcome to reduce, reuse, and recycle the tracks, but please consider providing credit to NESH COMPLEX and a link to I love you.

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