Night Attack 2: Enjoy The Garden Remixes


After the warm reception of Left-Hand Low-Five, I was asked to produce new “word salads” for Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young’s new comedy album, “Night Attack 2: Enjoy the Garden.” Five NESH COMPLEX remixes were produced.

  1. Animal Fairy (NESH COMPLEX REMIX)
  2. Superhero (NESH COMPLEX REMIX)
  3. Abe’s Labes (NESH COMPLEX REMIX)
  5. Racist Time Machine (NESH COMPLEX REMIX)

In its first week, Night Attack 2: Enjoy the Garden:

  • hit #1 on Billboard Comedy chart with a bullet
  • hit #1 on iTunes Comedy Album chart in US, UK, and Canada
  • entered the top 40 of iTunes All Album chart (#35)
  • hit #1 on Amazon MP3 Comedy

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