White People Rich


In the same vein as Left-Hand Low-Five, White People Rich is inspired by (and samples from) the comedy podcast NSFW Show. 

White People Rich – NESH COMPLEX ft. NSFW Show

01 – White People Rich
02 – White People Rich (NESH COMPLEX REMIX)
03 – White People Rich (Instrumental)
04 – White People Rich (NESH COMPLEX DUB)


LISTEN NOW  (SoundCloud)

Sampled from/based off NSFW Show episode 179: White People Rich

Produced, composed, performed by Bryce Castillo as NESH COMPLEX
Written, lead vocals by Justin Robert Young, Owen Stone
Additional vocals by Brian Brushwood and Brett Rounsaville

Cover art by @ToucanMonkey, @tehbignic, and @CptOfOuterSpace
Cover art edited by Bryce Castillo
Thanks y’all!

White People Rich is released as Creative Commons Attribution, No Commercial
Feel free to remix, reuse, and recycle this release, but if you are interested in commercial use, contact Bryce Castillo at bryce@ll-dd.co
For sourcing, please link to www.neshcomplex.com or www.ll-dd.co

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